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FIFA 16 is a nice video game for football fans

Fire shots from outside the box in FIFA 16: It used to be fairly easy to score from outside the box with power shots, but now the goalkeeper is much smarter and will probably see it coming in. You're better served kicking it out to the wing or looking for a through ball opportunity. Take needless risks with possession: Take what the defense is giving you. If they are defending deep, don't lob in deep passes and through balls. Instead, play a little tiki-taka and patiently work the ball up the field with short passes alternating between the sideline and midfield. Be ready to seize opportunities when they appear, but be smart with the ball. Pass quickly and efficiently and wait for holes to open up in the opposing defense.
When in doubt, get it out! When you’re under pressure and it feels as though the opposition could score at any moment, launch the ball up the field. This not only removes the immediate danger, it also gives your team the chance to press up! Stick to the passing game and maintain a good possession; especially near final few minutes. This will take the momentum out of our opponent’s attack by slowing the game down and forcing them to restart their build-up play. When returning the ball, either a lobbed through ball, a ground pass or a ground through ball can be used to vary the play. If you wish to lob the ball over a defender, hold Left bumper (LB or L1) and press through ball button to return the ball this way.

This is especially useful when using fast attacking players or to exploit players who don’t cover runs. If you try a lobbed through ball and your opponent doesn’t follow the runner, look to utilize this throughout the game. However don’t over use it and try it every time as players will become wise to it much quicker and prevent the ball reaching its target more often. This pass is delivered by pressing LB/L1 and then pressing Y/Triangle button. This kind of pass is particularly useful when you’ve plenty of distance between the passer and the receiver. Another situation in which you can use this kind of pass is immediately after the kick off. This will allow you to get ahead of the defenders and make some plays.
"We will always keep Price Ranges wide enough to allow all fans to gain more coins by trading on the Transfer Market." The Transfer Market is also set to remain inaccessible from Web and Companion Apps, while open bid transfers will be unavailable after Price Ranges have been activated. In order to list an item on the market, fans will have to set a “Buy It Now” price within the Price Range. Then you need to know the defence buttons on your controller. By default classic settings are as shown here. If you use alternative all that changes are sliding tackle with Tackle/Push Pull.
The release of "FIFA 16" saw Electronic Arts drastically altering the control system. Prior to the release, defensive play was largely automated, offering a simple and engaging style of play that did not demand great skill. "FIFA 16" introduced a manual defence that requires players to hit the tackle button at exactly the right moment in order to complete a defensive manoeuvre. The X (Playstation) or A (Xbox) button will put the pressure on the attacker by doing a short standing tackle to grab the ball. This button is very effective, you probably will need to use it the most.
Through balls are the bane of many users’ lives and FIFA 16 is as big a culprit as any in the series: if you ping a through ball into the air from anywhere in the middle of the pitch, you can quickly watch the hapless defenders do their best impression of Laurel and Hardy. Naturally, it’s only funny if you’re winning, and conceding multiple goals to this glitch generally means you’ll start burning through new controllers. In the modern game of football, many matches are wrongfully decided by poor refereeing decisions so at least EA Sports seem to be trying to be realistic with their portrayal of their in-game refs. So many times, FIFA ruins perfectly good matches with inconsistent decisions and it’s something that finally needs to be fixed.
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